Christmas enthusiasts of SWLA: Bridgett Murphy

Bridgett Murphy

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Usually people start decorating for Halloween on October first, but for one Moss Bluff woman that’s the start of her Christmas Decorating.

“I guess you could say that I’m pretty obsessed with my Christmas trees and my lights,” Bridgett Murphy, a Christmas enthusiast said.

Every year, Bridgett turns her house into Louisiana’s own version of a Winter Wonderland. This year, her theme was Santa’s Workshop.

Bridgett begins to decorate her house for Christmas in October. She owns over 350 tote bags filled with ornaments and around 40 trees.

“I love to see the eyes of everybody that walks through my front door, like wow," Bridgett said.

Bridgett's love for Christmas began when she was a child. It was her mother's favorite holiday. But when her mother passed away in January, Bridgett didn't think she would decorate this year.

“I was sitting here, and it was getting close to October 1st, and I said ‘I don’t think I’m going to decorate this year,’" Bridgett said. "And it was like a little voice told me, Bridgett, you better decorate.”

That little voice was right. For Bridgett, decorating is more than just pretty lights.

“That little voice was fussing at me and saying yes, you need to decorate for Christmas," Bridgett said. "Because it does, it keeps me going.”

Even though decorating is what keeps her going, it’s all for everyone else.

“The reason I decorate is for the joy of the lights, the happiness, and for everyone else to be happy," Bridgett said.

If you want to start your own Winter Wonderland, Bridgett says to start now.

“It doesn’t happen overnight. Buy a little bit each year, start a collection," Bridgett said.

She says the end result is worth it.

“You might be having a bad day and you make that tree look beautiful!”

One of the most shocking things Bridgett said about her decorations is that clean up only takes 7 days. She says organization is the key to cleaning up quickly.

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