Locking up dangerous substances during the holidays

Locking up substances during the holidays

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Those struggling with addiction are in a constant battle with themselves, but during the holidays, that struggle gets harder. Especially when most households have a cabinet full of medicine and alcohol.

“A little devil sitting on their shoulder just poking and poking and poking,” Deana Read, a nurse practitioner said.

Read works with AppleGate Recovery and says that is how patients describe their temptations.

“You know, if you’re in a stressful situation, and you know your drug of choice is in the house, that just weighs on your mind constantly,” Read said.

Opioids, alcohol, and other abusive substances in the home can hinder a loved one’s sobriety. Sheriff Tony Mancuso says people often forget about prescription drugs and end up with a cabinet full of harmful substances.

“People that have abusive tendencies will come in to your house and look for those prescription drugs,” Sheriff Mancuso said.

However, Read says there are ways families can help.

“I would highly suggest putting them in a lockbox or safe and bring them to another house or close family, or out to a vehicle to where they are not close,” Read said.

If you are no longer using those drugs, the NADDI box’s is located at the Sheriff’s Office.

“We don’t take your name or inventory, you just come put it in this lock box. It looks like a mail box and we will dispose of it properly,” Sheriff Mancuso said.

In the past six months, the department has collected more than 300 pounds of medication. Read also has tips for those struggling with substance abuse.

“Reach out to family or friend to have that support system. Make sure they stay in their treatment, and reach out to those facilities should they need additional assistance,” Read said.

Should the temptation become too much, Read says recovering addicts should leave the party and seek help. Other ways to help is by not serving alcohol and being supportive if family or friends ask you to remove a substance from the home.

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