Salvation Army’s angel tree caters to children and elderly

salvation army angel tree

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC)- We all know that the Salvation Army Angel Tree helps children, but most people don’t know that it caters to the elderly.

“People always focus on children and it’s not a bad area to focus on. Of course, we focus on children as well," Lt. Leanna Marion said, "But our elderly have sometimes forgotten they may not have families who are around them.”

One local senior believes this exactly what the elderly community needs.

“It gives them fellowship because someone is caring about them," Barbara Matthews said. “It let’s them know that they are not forgotten and it also supplies some needs that they have because they have to buy medicine or they have to pay their bills and stuff. They live on a limited income."

Marion believes her time working in a nursing home allowed her to see what needed to be done.

“They may be isolated. They may have medical conditions which prohibit them from entering into normal society and doing things that other people are able to do," Marion said. "And so, to be able to recognize that need and see it is important so that we can continue to take care of the generations that came before us.”

Marion says her personal experience opened her heart.

“You know, my grandmother took care of me,” Marion said. "If I can do anything to help to give back, then I would want to give back to somebody who helped me.”

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