Downtown Development Authority says lakefront erosion won’t affect Port Wonder

Lakefront Erosion

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lakefront erosion was a topic of discussion at the latest Downtown Development Authority meeting Monday night, Nov. 3. Port Wonder, a $20 million lakefront project, was also a topic of discussion.

“I don’t think they were talked about in tandem. We just knew that the lakefront needed some attention," said Lori Marinovich, the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority. "Walk along that sidewalk and you’ll see there’s some caved in areas. So, we are going in and doing some erosion control now.”

The City of Lake Charles has been pushing for lakefront development for years, but like with any waterside project, erosion is a concern.

“Well, a lot of things. When you work on the waters edge, you do have to build into your project how you treat the water’s edge,” said Marinovich.

With the announcement of Port Wonder by officials in November, Marinovich says she isn’t concerned with erosion affecting the building.

“That’s one thing; I’m excited to see what happens when we build these new buildings because there is no much new technology out there,” said Marinovich. "Because you have all of those codes, you know, you have to build to certain height. And you have that little area. That little servitude, you know, that area that we kind of make flood-able. When the water gets high, because we know it’s going to get high, and then it goes back down. You have to make those amenities sustainable.”

As plans for Port Wonder continue to develop, crews work to repair and reinforce those areas along the lakefront most affected by erosion.

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