Multiple car burglaries over the weekend at Barbe High School

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Barbe High School soccer posted to their Facebook asking the public’s help to figure out why 7 of the player’s cars had been broken into and burglarized overnight.

“Several players apparently left their cars there, obviously they were at a tournament or something and some knot head takes it upon themselves to make their way into these victims cars,” Sgt. Jeff Keenum with Lake Charles Police said. “It’s very unfortunate that you can’t leave your vehicle parked and locked somewhere.”

Sargent Keenum says this isn't a rare occurrence in the city of Lake Charles.

“It happens all over town, it doesn’t matter,” says Keenum. “If it’s not bolted down, somebody’s going to find a way to take what you’ve worked so hard for and it’s just very sad and unfortunate.”

Keenum says since the beginning of this year, the city of Lake Charles has seen 788 vehicle burglaries, which he says averages out to roughly 2 to 3 a day.

“I mean we’re in a city of 75,000 and we’re growing,” says Keenum. “As the population continues to grow. And as more people come in, naturally and unfortunately, with that comes more crime. High school kids should be focused on school and their extracurricular activities, like these kids, I’m sure they’re all good kids playing soccer at a tournament out of town I’m guessing. To come home and discover this, terrible. Unacceptable, inexcusable.”

Keenum says the investigation is in it's preliminary stages but has confidence they will find the person responsible.

“We have a pretty good crime lab and you may have left some evidence behind that you didn’t even think about,” Keenum said. “Should that come to fruition, we’ll get a warrant for your arrest and you’ll have to answer to that some day.”

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