KPLC’s Community Christmas comes full circle for SWLA family

KPLC's Community Christmas comes full circle for SWLA family

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Sharing the joy of the holiday season is the sole mission behind KPLC’s Community Christmas. It has helped hundreds of local families in need of a little Christmas cheer.

However, one family’s experience as recipients of Community Christmas is coming full circle in a big way.

It was December of 1994, KPLC’s Community Christmas provided a Christmas meal and gifts for the Murnane family of Sulphur.

“I’m going to unwrap my presents and then I’m going to eat and play with them,” said then 7-year-old Cory Murnane.

Twenty-four years later that same family is looking back at the joy they felt all those years ago, when Christmas wasn’t promised.

“Man, that was a really long time ago," said Cory.

At the time Cory Murnane was just 7-years-old. He says seeing the community show support for his family during their time of need is something he’ll never forget.

“It’s kind of overwhelming whenever you’re expecting to get nothing, you know, because at 7-years-old we still understood the situation we were in and expecting to get nothing and still get something, it brings joy to you,” he said.

That same joy is a sentiment that Cory and his siblings can attest to.

“It meant a lot to me to be able to have a nice, normal Christmas like everybody else did for once, it gave us a break from all the hardships we were going through at the time,” Adam Murnane said.

“What’s awesome is we don’t remember what we got or what we even asked for but we do remember the feeling," Crystal Day said.

According to Adam Murnane, who also serves as a software engineer and co-founder for local startup company WAITR says it’s all about paying it forward. He says the success that he’s been able to acquire right here in his own community and his family’s personal experience with KPLC’s Community Christmas made him want to give back.

This year he’s donating a significant amount of money to make sure the next family in need is able to have the Christmas they’ve always wanted.

“KPLC’s Community Christmas as a kid meant so much to me,” said Adam. “I don’t know what our Christmas would have been like if it weren’t for them and the Salvation Army and frankly I’m glad that I didn’t have to find out, I look at kids and I see myself in them and I want them to have the benefit of having a community that pulls together and that takes care of them the way this community has taken care of me.”

Again, there are many ways to donate to KPLC’s Community Christmas and the Salvation Army Christmas Tree.

You can make a monetary donation, donate a new toy, choose an angel from the tree, even drop off non-perishable foods.

To find out more info about KPLC’s Community Christmas along with how you can donate, Click HERE.

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