Complaints after woman finds unpleasant surprise in Carlyss Park bathroom

Complaints after woman finds unpleasant surprise in Carlyss Park bathroom

CARLYSS, LA (KPLC) - A couple and their daughter were at Carlyss Park on Sunday when they found an unpleasant surprise in the bathroom there.

“Mommy! There’s something in the toilet,” Jennifer James' daughter said.

“Before we even walked in we smelled this horrible stench,” James said.

When they looked in the toilet, James snapped a picture.

“It was fish. At least three fish in the toilet. I could see the heads, one of them was a huge flounder,” she said.

James said the women’s restroom didn’t even have the worst of what they saw.

“My husband came out of the restroom and I was like, 'Mike you have to come look at this,” James said.

“So he looked, and said ‘I got you beat,'” James said. “He was like, ‘come look in the bathroom, in the men’s restroom.’ So when I rounded the corner, he’s like ‘look right there.’ On the floor, in front of the mirror, not only were the stalls disgusting, but on the floor in front of the mirror was human feces.”

James said she’s aware what people do in the stalls is not Sulphur Parks and Recreation’s responsibility, but she hopes this will encourage them to make some changes.

“I think a camera setup around that area so you can see who’s coming and going. That’s not an invasion of privacy it’s protecting your families," James said.

Sulphur Parks and Recreation had this to say about the incident:

“It is unfortunate that someone chose to vandalize the restrooms at Carlyss Park. Our staff work very hard, on a daily basis, to make sure all of our park facilities are clean and as welcoming as possible for the park visitors. It is disheartening that some of our visitors make the choice to damage and try to destroy the facilities that are there for the public to enjoy. We will continue to do our best to make sure our facilities are clean for our park visitors to enjoy.”

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