Digital assistants could soon predict your love life

Digital assistants could soon predict your love life
(Source: WMUR/CNN)

(KPLC) - Digital assistants, such as Alexa and Google Home, could soon be acting as your marriage counselor, according to a new study by Imperial College Business School in the U.K.

The research suggests that these AI devices will be able to determine if your relationship is healthy or on the decline.

The in-home listening tech will be able to pick up on things like verbal cues, acoustic analysis, and communications between couples in their day-to-day lives.

The virtual assistant will be able to listen to your arguments and your every day conversations and then give advice or suggest ways to end a disagreement while it’s happening.

According to researchers these devices could prove to be therapeutic for couples who are struggling to communicate by bridging the gap of understanding between them.

By the year 2021 the artificial intelligence devices should be able to predict if a relationship will work out, with 75 percent accuracy.

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