Complaints arise after postal service issues in the Lake Area

Complaints arise after postal issues in Lake area

LAKE AREA, LA (KPLC) - There have been several complaints in the Lake Area where people have been notified by the U.S. Postal Service that their package had been delivered, but nothing was there.

“The post office, the people you’re supposed to trust with your mail, they’re the one’s that are taking it from you,” Anna Bradix, a woman who experienced this issue, said.

Bradix was expecting a package from the U.S. Postal Service just this week. She tracked her packaged with the USPS text notification system and when she expected her package to be at her home, she went to her mailbox and it wasn’t there.

“12 minutes later at 10:43, I got a message that says delivered in mailbox you know, 11/26/2018, so, I had just checked it so I knew it wasn’t there," Bradix said. "But I gave them the benefit of the doubt for like an hour and a half to see if they’d come back around.”

Bradix said she called the post office for an hour and not 10 minutes later, someone had showed up with her package.

“I told him I was tracking it on USPS, the official website, and this is what it’s saying. So how is that possible?” she said. “I had mentioned I had the ring app, and that it had recorded the truck going by without anyone stopping. I had told him the time that I got the message for the delivery.”

Bradix wasn’t the only one with a similar complaint. There have been others in the Lake Area who have also had packages marked delivered but no package in sight.

We reached out to the Postal Service about these complaints and this is what they had to say in response to the issues:

“When we become aware of specific delivery issues, the U.S. Postal Service promptly researches the matter and seeks to find a resolution that is satisfactory to our customer. We urge any customers with concerns or questions about their mail delivery service to contact the Postal Service immediately so that we can look into and resolve those concerns promptly. Customers have a variety of options for contacting the Postal Service, including contacting their local Post Office, calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or visiting our website.”

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