Cheniere and SOWELA collaborate on workforce development for LNG industry

SOWELA and Cheniere collaborate on workforce development for LNG industry

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -SOWELA Technical Community College is expanding to incorporate training for the LNG industry—specifically Cheniere Energy.

The company has contributed a hefty sum toward specialized equipment to give students hands on training.

The process technology program for SOWELA helps many young people get jobs in industry... And now it will include LNG at the request of cheniere energy. Chancellor Dr. Neil Aspinwall says the company is donating $250-thousand dollars to install specialized equipment to give students hands on experience.

"The equipment or the refrigeration portion is very cost prohibitive, so us being a state institution, we have to have support from industry partners because they're the ones that are going to hire the students. So, it was very nice of them to step up to the plate, and say we're going to give your students a chance. But with this training we're going to invest in you," he said.

Aspinwall says the fact that the industry is willing to invest in SOWELA shows that the college is successful in the workforce development business.

"It legitimizes our importance in what we do for the community, because basically we're' a community college we're in the transfer business, our foundation is workforce development and they see that we're meeting our mission so they're willing to invest in us. So, it really, it makes me, as the leader of the institution, feel good that our business partners value what we do and invest in us," said Aspinwall.

Also announced-- a 12-month apprenticeship program for students to work in processing and instrumentation work at the LNG facility. Exciting opportunities for those chosen like Asia Arvie.

"I feel great. This is a great, great opportunity. I couldn't be happier," said Arvie.

Cheniere officials say their donation is part of an ongoing commitment to support initiatives in science, technology, engineering and math.

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