Sheriff: Caregiver wasn’t changing soiled diapers of disabled teen

CPSO: Miracle Chatman faces child cruelty charges

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Sheriff Tony Mancuso said it appears that the caregiver of a disabled 17-year-old wasn’t changing his diapers, but just put new ones on over the old ones.

Mancuso said when doctors examined the teen, he had on three diapers.

“What we believe was happening was that if he would soil his diaper, they would just put another diaper on top of the diaper, instead of changing and cleaining,” Mancuso said. "So, it’s pretty horrific in what was being done to a person who can’t care for themselves. You have to understand, when somebody can’t take of themselves - it doesn’t matter if they’re two years old or ninety years old - if they can’t take care of themselves and you are the caregiver, then you have a certain responsibility and that means to take care of that person in every way imaginable.

“He just wasn’t being take care of.”

Mancuso said the boy was hypothermic and it doesn’t appear he was being given his medication. Although he is 6-foot tall, he weighed only 85 pounds when brought to the hospital.

Miracle Chatman, 32, has been arrested on one count of cruelty to the infirmed. She also faces two counts of battery on a police officer - authorities say she fought with arresting officers. Judge Ron Ware set bond at $14,000.

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