Clifton-Royer, Smith in runoff for DeQuincy mayor

Clifton-Royer, Smith in runoff for DeQuincy mayor

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Early voting is underway for the Dec. 8 election and one race on the ballot is the runoff for DeQuincy mayor.

Riley Smith was just short of the 50 percent and one vote needed to win, and Heather Clifton-Royer held 27 percent of the votes during the November election.

With the candidates meeting in a runoff, both agree that if elected, one of their main priorities is to revitalize the city.

“Our downtown area has been neglected and I just think that we need to focus on getting those maintained and updated so they can be utilized by different companies that want to come in," Clifton-Royer, said.

“We’ll just go ahead and start with the eye-appeal of our city," Smith said. "I think we’re going to enhance that. Once that is enhanced, I think that’s going to attract people to move here. I think it will also attract new business here.”

Each believes their experience will help them run DeQuincy.

“I’ve done marketing for 10 years now, so, it’s given me an opportunity to venture out and see what other towns do, what other projects are out there,” Clifton-Royer, said.

“At the end of the day, you have to have a businessperson involved in the community, the daily operations of it," Smith said. "You know, you have a budget you have to plan for and, you know, can you read a profit and loss statement? Do you have the abilities of doing that? I think I’m very well-qualified when it comes to that.”

Clifton-Royer said she hopes her love for her hometown will give her an edge in this race.

“My heartbeat is here in DeQuincy—that’s where my roots are, my family’s roots are. So, I have a genuine investment in our town that’s going to remain here. So, I think people need to get to know me,” Clifton-Royer, said.

While Smith said he’s a “what you see is what you get” kind of candidate.

“Well, you know, I’m just a very simple person. People call me ‘vanilla’ when it comes to that. We just stand for what’s right," Smith said.

Early voting for the upcoming election ends Dec. 1.

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