Lake Charles restaurant gives tips on the proper ways to prepare a turkey

Lake Charles restaurant gives tips on the proper ways to prepare a turkey

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Federal officials blame one death and more than 150 illnesses on salmonella in raw turkey.

The Centers for Disease Control says it’s a problem that lies in improper cooking techniques.

Darby Guillory Jr. with Famous Foods says that allowing enough time is the most important thing.

“First thing about making a turkey is you have to go pick up a turkey but you want to pick up it in enough time to let it thaw,” Guillory said. “A frozen turkey is very dangerous to cook.”

If you plan to cook it on Thursday it’s best to start thawing it Tuesday night.

Guillory says when you’re ready to prepare your turkey get your hands clean, then take your turkey out the ice box and put it in the sink. Afterwards you’ll put it in the pan and leave it in there. Set your oven for 350 and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

This allows time for your oven to get hot and for you to season your turkey. After it’s seasoned it’s ready to bake.

Guillory says after your done it’s important to use a temperature gauge.

“On a 16 pound turkey you want at least about 13 minutes per pound so that’s around 3 and half hours but always check your turkey,” Guillory said. “Make sure you have a temperature gauge.”

There are two places that should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

“First you want to check the deepest part of your breast," Guillory said. "Make sure it’s at 165 and then you want your inner thigh. You have your leg and you want to hit that inner thigh meat. Right behind the leg. That’s always the hardest part to cook.”

Guillory gave one last piece of encouragement.

“Oh it’s easy, just have a little confidence you got to call your uncle, your maw maw, or your daddy," Guillory said. "Or you can call me I’ll help you out you’ll be alright.”

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