Residents and city council weigh in on televised city council meetings

Residents and city council weigh in on televised city council meetings

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you had the opportunity to watch a local city council meeting on television, would you tune in?

City Councilwoman Mary Morris is pushing for that to happen but is facing opposition.

7News spoke to a number of locals on their thoughts about having the meetings televised and many echoed the thoughts of Morris.

“I most definitely would want to see something like that televised on TV,” Raquel Lund said. “You know anything that concerns you as a resident and people making decisions on things that concern you as a resident, I would certainly want to at least see.”

“I think it’s an opportunity for all those that just don’t have the transport to get to meetings or have work,” said local resident Brad Posch.

Morris thinks it’s the right move and says she requested it be put on the council’s agenda, but was met with opposition.

“In 2015, I brought this up and they voted against it because and I was able to put it on the agenda back then," said Morris. “This time they didn’t even allow me.”

“To put something on the agenda, you have to have consent of the council therefore you have to have four votes, so therefore there weren’t four votes or four people who wanted to put it back on the agenda,” said City Council President Mark Eckard.

Eckard was one of the four who voted ‘no’- he says it’s better to see and hear the meeting in person.

Residents like Stanley Marshall feel it would be a great move on the city’s part, especially for those who physically aren’t able to attend meetings.

“It would be to the advantage of a number of disabled and elderly people especially, and I would appreciate that,” Marshall said.

“I know I have been asked by my constituents many times why we do not have that on the government channel and I can’t say anything except the fact that I’ve tried and this is my second time and I just don’t know what else to do," Morris said.

She says will continue to advocate for the change.

In the meantime, city council meetings are open to the general public and are held at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

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