Senator Kennedy shares his thoughts post-midterm election

KPLC 7News at Six- Oct. 1, 2018 - VOD - clipped version

LA (KPLC) - After the Republicans gained some ground in the Senate, they lost control in the House. Senator John Kennedy says it is common for the sitting President’s party to lose seats in mid-term elections, but says the predicted blue wave in this election season didn’t amount to much.

“In terms of the midterms, we all saw the pools. I’m not saying that they were all inaccurate, but many were,” Kennedy said. “Some of the polls clearly missed the mark. They make those late-night psychic hotlines look reputable. We were told there would be a blue wave. There wasn’t the blue wave; was more of a blue dribble.”

Kennedy also shared his thoughts on the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the subsequent appointment of Matt Whitaker.

“Couple of points; I expect the acting Attorney General to be there a short period of time,” Kennedy said. “Number two; Presidents are entitled to surround themselves with advisers of their choice. That is President Trump’s right. Number three; predictably, the bashing of Mr. Whitaker from some corners began immediately.”

Kennedy says the public has the right to be critical of anyone in government, but the controversy being spread about Whitaker is premature.

“Do I agree with some of the things Mr. Whitaker has said in the past? No,” Kennedy said, “But I’ve learned that in Washington D.C., people talk a lot. You can’t listen to what they say. You must watch what they do.”

Kennedy says the progress of our country for the next two years is now in the hands of the Democrats.

“I think that in terms of charting the future, a lot of it depends on our Democratic house.” Says Kennedy, “They can channel their energy into harassing the administration for two years, they can ride the anger, if you will, or they can help us solve the problems.”

Kennedy says he will announce if he will run for Louisiana governor by the end of this year.

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