Mayor Hunter recommends Shawn Caldwell as next Chief of Police

Mayor Hunter recommends Shawn Caldwell as next Chief of Police
(Source: KPLC)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter has recommended Shawn Caldwell as the next Chief of Police.

Hunter will recommend Caldwell, a current Deputy Chief within the Lake Charles Police Department, to the Lake Charles City Council, according to a news release from the city. The City Council will vote whether to confirm Caldwell at it Nov. 21 meeting.

Longtime Lake Charles Chief of Police Don Dixon has announced that he plans to retire at the beginning of 2019.

Hunter chose Caldwell from three finalists presented to him by an appointed advisory panel. The finalists were chose from nine applicants who passed the Chief of Police exam.

According to the information in the news release, Hunter selected Caldwell after an in-depth interview process and thorough review of personnel records for all three applicants.

“The process of selecting the next Chief of Police has been a very real and organic one,” Hunter said in a statement. “The appointed Advisory Panel was a diverse group who operated independently and genuinely to consider all nine applicants equally before forwarding their choice of three finalists. I am thankful for their assistance and diligence in this process. This recommendation to the Council was a decision I made with very intense and prayerful consideration.”

Caldwell is a Lake Charles native with 25 years experience with the Lake Charles Police Department.

“Shawn Caldwell has served the Lake Charles Police Department, the City of Lake Charles and its citizens proudly for the past twenty-five years,” Hunter said. “I am very excited about his vision for a department that is built on solid relationships with the community and his desire to implement a number of new programs aimed at improving the department.”

Chief of Police in Lake Charles is a six-year term.

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