Cameron consumers notified of drinking water violation for Waterworks District #7

Cameron consumers notified of drinking water violation for Waterworks District #7

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Customers of Cameron Waterworks District # 7 got a scary letter in the mail—that’s the district that supplies to residents in the Creole area.

We all rely on water to drink, bathe, wash clothes, and more.

So, it’s concerning to consumers when they get a letter saying their water violates standards for a chemical that, if consumed over many years, can cause liver, kidney, or central nervous system problems and may increase cancer risk.

In the case of Cameron Waterworks District #7, the violation has to do with disinfecting the water. According to test results, chlorinating the water left more chemical byproduct than allowed.

Craig Guillory operates the system and says they are required to send the letter, but adds he doesn't have any problem with drinking the water.

“It’s sent out to all the customers when we have a violation according to the state. I would tell you don’t worry about it. I’ve been drinking the water all my life and so has my family. It ain’t 'til the eighties they started testing for this,” said Guillory.

The district has 300 customers on paper, but Guillory says many of those consumers moved away after Hurricanes Rita and Ike.

"The system was built for growth and we have no growth. It's the other way around. Most of our customers are cattle," said Guillory.

He says with fewer people, there’s less flushing which contributes to the problem.

Water district secretary Mary Canik says they work hard to follow the regulations seriously, and adds she too is fine with drinking the water.

"I live in this district. I drink the water. I wouldn't want anything to happen to my family," said Canik.

She says there never was never an emergency or immediate need to alert people.

“If it was an emergency, we would contact our customers immediately,” she said.

Canik says they work with the state to continue to improve the system and the quality of water they drink. The district is re-sending the letter to residents to correct an error. To read it click here.

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