Lake Area service dog owner forced to move dog out of store

service animal

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Joshua Copper claims that, earlier this week, he was forced to leave his dog outside a Nelson Road service station, tied to a newsstand.

“I have bad seizures. He’s in my life and my life has just gotten so much better since he’s been in my life," says Copper. "I want him to be with me all the time. When I first had a seizure, he came up and licked my face and he stayed with me the whole time.”

The owner of the gas station declined to go on camera, but says this wasn’t the case. He said he never asked for paperwork, but the dog was too close to the food. He asked him to leave only for sanitary reasons.

Attorney Rock Palermo says a service dog is allowed anywhere the public can go.

"They can ask if the service dog is required because of a disability and they can ask what task does the dog assists you with, but those are the two things they can ask. " Palermo says. “They cannot ask for prescription, they can’t ask for training records, they can’t inquire about your medical condition.”

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