Chateau du Lac elderly high rise has new management

Chateau du Lac elderly high rise has new management

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For 35 years, the Lake Charles Housing Authority managed the Chateau du Lac high rise downtown. It provides housing for low-income elderly residents.

There are 198 apartments for the residents. Residents also include some younger people who have a disability.

Recently, the management has changed from the housing authority to Latter and Blum property management.

Residents don't seem to expect major change and are okay with it.

“It’s comfortable—no problems, everybody respect everybody. Good friends around here. We play cards, dominoes, bingo,” said resident James Bell.

“I’m hoping it will be a wonderful place to live like it was with the old management,” said Travis Williams.

“Just be Godly and stay healthy," is what Eddie Watkins hopes for the future.

Lake Charles Housing Director Ben Taylor predicts things will remain pretty much the same.

“The apartment complex has to remain affordable. That will remain the same. The rules for admission are the same as when we managed it. The rules for continued occupancy should be basically the same as when we opened it and the screening criteria should be the same,” said Taylor.

The low-income residents here pay 30 percent of their rent and 70 percent is subsidized by the federal government. Taylor says that allows the owners to have a steady, reliable source of income.

“Their money comes from the federal government, and in order to get that money, they have to have qualified residents. The rental market in Lake Charles, there is no affordable housing for low income folks right now,” said Taylor.

Taylor says since the housing authority owns the land the property must always be used for affordable housing under the 99 year lease.

We were not able to reach anyone with Latter and Blum Property Management.

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