How the Calcasieu Registrar of Voters Office protects your voting rights

How the Calcasieu Registrar of Voters Office protects your voting rights

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - With election day just a week away, protecting voters' rights is the number one priority at voting precincts across the state. So, how is the Calcasieu Registrar of Voters office protecting your rights?

“The number one right they have that we promote and protect. That the voter knows what they’re voting on before they leave to go vote, whether that’s voting early or election day,” Calcasieu Registrar of Voters, Angie Quienalty, said.

Quienalty said it’s critical that if you have any confusion or questions regarding your ballot, you should call her office at 721-4000.

“When you get in the booth and it doesn’t match up with what you think you should be voting, do NOT hit the cast vote button,” she said.

She added whether you’re disabled or a non-English speaking person, you have the right to assistance on election day.

According to the Secretary of State, if you need assistance she says, “Prior to election day: A voter, who is physically disabled or unable to read, may request assistance in voting by timely completing a voter registration application requesting assistance. These voters will be marked in the precinct register or the voter registration system as being entitled to receive assistance in voting.”

On election day, their website says to bring:

  • “a physician’s certificate indicating the voter’s inability to vote without assistance because of a physical disability;"
  • “a current mobility impaired identification card issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles for disability parking;” or
  • “a copy of current documentation showing eligibility for disability benefits from either social security, veterans affairs, paratransit services, the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities or the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.”

There are also forms you can find at the registrar’s office and bring completed to your polling pace on election day.

“On election day, give it to the commissioner. The commissioner will send it to me and we’ll mark the computer, which will print it on the precinct register, thereafter, that they’re entitled to assistance in the booth,” Quienalty said.

She also said her office works diligently to reinstate the right to vote for those who have completed a felony sentence.

“They have to provide us with proof that they’ve completed their sentence," Quienalty said. "So, we walk them through the steps and if they need to fill out another registration paper or form with their correct address, we walk them through the steps to get that process done.”

The Registrar of Voters office can reinstate those voting rights to vote until November 5th.

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