Breaking down the 6 amendments on the ballot

Breaking down the 6 amendments on the ballot

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Before heading to the polls - here’s what you need to know about the 6 amendments on the ballot.

Amendment One: Felonies seeking public office

Do you believe a convicted felon should have to wait 5 years after release to seek public office? If so, vote yes to this constitutional amendment.

If this doesn’t get enough votes, the current law would remain: allowing convicted felons to seek or hold office once their sentence is complete.

Amendment Two: Unanimous juries

Do you think all jurors should have to agree on a verdict in non-capital felony cases? If so, vote yes. Voting yes believe all 12 jurors must agree.

If not, vote no. This would keep the current law requiring 10 out of 12 jurors to agree.

Amendment Three: Sharing resources between government entities

Do you think government entities like parishes and cities should be able to share resources like equipment and personnel? If so, vote yes.

If not, the current law would stand - which allows local governments to use each other’s resources, but only in a trade, except during emergencies.

Amendment Four: State Police & the Transportation Trust Fund

Do you believe state police should not have authority to use money from the Transportation Trust Fund for traffic control purposes? If so, vote yes.

A vote no would keep the current policy in place, allowing state police to use that money to clear accidents from roads.

Amendment Five: Expands tax exemptions for the disabled, seniors, military spouses, etc.

Do you support an amendment to extending eligibility for tax exemptions to the families of disabled veterans, first responders and military? If so, vote yes.

If not, the current law only gives certain special tax exemptions to the owner of the property.

Amendment Six: Slower property tax increases.

If a property’s taxes go up after new appraisal, should the owner be given a 4-year period to adjust to those higher payments? If so, vote yes. To be eligible though, the property’s reappraisal must increase by more than 50%.

If not, property taxes would increase to the amount determined through an assessment, regardless if the property value surges.

Election Day is November 6, but early polling stations are open now.

For more in-depth information on each proposed constitutional amendment, click here.

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