Barbe student says he was handcuffed, shoved in locker

Bullying incident reported at Barbe High School
Barbe student says he was handcuffed, shoved in locker

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A situation in the locker room of a Calcasieu Parish High School has one family wanting answers.

“Just why are they doing it?" the Barbe high sophomore said. "Is it 'cause I’m small or 'cause I’m just weak?”

The student says it happened during school hours in the football locker room at Barbe High. He says he was handcuffed, shoved into a locker and sprayed with water.

In reaction to seeing the video, the victim’s mom said, “My heart sank.”

The mother says after speaking with the coach and administrators, threats against her son began.

The school board, aware of the incident says, “We have been fully investigating it. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated in our district. Any student involved in this sort of behavior will face the maximum disciplinary action allowed under Calcasieu Parish School Board policy.”

The school could not speak about this matter in particular but they did explain some of the efforts they have to combat bullying.

“Some ways we encourage them to be upstanders is find that person being a target," said Behavior and Discipline District Coordinator, Sabra Soileau. "Stand by that person being a target and typically, they’re not going to be a target if they’ve got people around them.”

Soileau says the school board follows guidelines set by Louisiana Department of Education as to what’s considered bullying. She says even if it doesn’t fall into that category, measures can still be put in place to prevent the behavior from continuing.

The family says their teenage son is having a hard time following the backlash of the video.

“He has been seen at a local hospital due to having stomach issues because of the stress and his nerves," the victim’s mom said. "He’s seen a local therapist and we’re waiting for an intake specialist. He has nightmares and he’s not sleeping. One of those teachers explained his demeanor has changed—he’s not as bubbly as he was.”

The victim and his mom are now working to raise awareness for other families dealing with similar situation.

“Don’t be afraid to speak up," the victim said.

The school uses the month of October to raise awareness about bullying in all schools and prevention starts with students.

“Being a bystander is as much of the problem as being the perpetrator," Soileau says. "'Cause you’re almost staying it’s OK for it to happen.”

If you or someone you know experiences bullying, you can fill out a bullying report with Calcasieu Parish here.

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