Three running for State Rep 33 in West Calcasieu

Three candidates running for State Representative District 33

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -When Mike Danahay became mayor of Sulphur-- it created a vacancy for state representative of district 33 in Calcasieu Parish. It’s a three candidate race.

Running for Danahay’s unexpired term for State Representative District 33 are Sulphur businessman Les Farnum, a Calcasieu police juror; businessman Stuart Moss, a former Sulphur council member and Teri Johnson, president of the Calcasieu Federation of Teachers...

Each has a slogan to help define what they offer. Farnum's is Leadership you can trust.

"I feel like i"m a person that you can always trust to do the right thing. My morals and my ethics stand out, always on the front burner. And i will always be a guy that you can trust to do the right thing when the vote comes in," said Farnum.

Moss's is Strong experienced leadership.

"My leadership skills are already there. I've already got connections in Baton Rouge that, I can get through some doors. I don't have to start at ground zero because I was allowed to do that for the City of Sulphur," said Moss.

Johnson says Together we can do better.

"Because it is a collective effort. in the last few years i've seen quite a devisive environment, not only in baton rouge but in Washington D.C. I think we have to get past the Ds and the Rs and all those other things."

What is the state's most serious problem?.

"I think our serious issue is the budget. we have a huge discrepancy between what we take in and what we spend, so the constitutionally protected items are a serious part of that so i think we have to address the constitution and make sure that we are not foolishly protecting items that have been protected for decades now," said Farnum.

"Too much infighting and too many special needs, too many special projects, and you and i cannot just continue to write checks out of our household that we can't cover. Baton Rouge needs to have a steadfast balanced budget. I'm not in favor of increasing taxes. we need to cut some of these special projects," said Moss.

For Johnson it’s improving educational performance:

"it contributes not only to poverty but it contributes to the amount of jobs that are available to these people. and the jobs that are available don't pay a living wage. And then they get married, they have kids and they can't provide for their family," said Johnson.

To win outright November 6, a candidate must have one more than half the votes cast. Any runoff is December 8.

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