New information in Tammy Call cold case could lead detectives to her killer

New information in Tammy Call cold case could lead detectives to her killer

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - About 300 yards off of West Boundary Road, Det. Jerry Twyman follows an overgrown path in a wooded area, where Tammy’s remains were found just a little over 20 years ago.

In 1990, Tammy went missing after last being seen on U.S. 171, heading back towards Leesville High School. Now, almost 30 years after her disappearance, the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office is receiving promising tips that could bring her killer to justice.

“We are talking with several witnesses that were interviewed back in 1997, I mean 1990, and we’re trying to re-interview everyone there to go back over their interviews,” Twyman said.

According to the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office, their main person of interest is Samuel Galbraith. In 1988, he was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of Karen Hill. Galbraith is currently at Hunt Correctional in Iberville Parish.

The sheriff’s office said Galbraith was at Fort Polk from Dec. 1987 to June of 1990 and during that time, Karen Hill, Tammy Call, and a third woman, Pamela Miller, all disappeared and were murdered.

Solving this case is very important to Twyman, he said he investigates a lot of this case on his own time.

“We speak for this little 15-year-old girl. Justice needs to be served and we’re going to do everything we can to bring this person to justice,” Twyman said.

For Tammy’s parents Joe and Reba Call, this loss is still fresh.

“It was 28 years ago, but it’s still this morning to us,” Joe said.

They still question why this happened.

“It’s your worst nightmare, not coming home on the school bus, you can’t find her,” Reba said through tears.

However, they’re grateful for the sheriff’s office’s persistence on this case.

“Knowing that they were able to find some leads in this old case; it’s comforting to us to know the sheriff’s department is actively pursuing those leads,” Joe said.

The Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office said any piece of information, big or small, could be a huge contribution to this case. If you have any information at all, they urge you to call (337) 238-1311.

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