Kinder school shooting threat may have been sparked by video games

Kinder school shooting threat may have been sparked by video games - clipped version - clipped version

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -Parents, teachers and students are on edge after a threat by a 14-year-old student to “shoot-up” Kinder Middle school was made yesterday afternoon.

Parents received word of the threat via text message from the Allen parish school board.

School board officials suggest the threat that was made by the 14-year-old boy may have been in retaliation to losing a video game competition with a group of classmates the night before.

“There was some discussion on the game, one got upset at the other. In the conversation, I think the student made some comments about Kinder middle and about doing harm to the school," said Kent Reed, Child Welfare & Attendance supervisor.

In response, Kinder police chief, Paul Courville says they decided to increase police security at the schools campus.

“One of the things we do, that everyone could see this morning..we had all our officers at the school because everyone has kids and I have grand-kids that go to that school so we wanted to make sure that they feel safe," said Courville.

“You cannot make threatening comments to other students, to scares kids and they did the right thing,” Reed said.

As of today, the 14-year-old is undergoing a mental evaluation.

No word whether charges will be filed against the student.

According to the school board, until the investigation is complete the student is not allowed on or anywhere near school property.

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