Hometown Heroes: Doc in a Box

St. Luke-Simpson UMC

Hometown Hero: Doc in a Box

A Lake Charles congregation is putting together a unique shipping container to help residents of a Cambodian village.

Earlier this year, several members of St. Luke-Simpson United Methodist Church in Lake Charles visited central Cambodia helping residents there with medical needs. They came back determined to help even more next year. Dave Bruce got started on the project.

“Convert this sea container into a three room medical clinic,” said church member David Bruce. “When it’s finished, this year, it will go to Central Cambodia and serve a community there that has no medical resources whatsoever.”

Once it’s completed at the end of the year, the container will be shipped to Cambodia, where it will be delivered to a village in the central part of the country.

“Every now and then, you get a chance to make history and to be part of the first medical facility in this area to give people for the first time is just an honor and hard to describe the enthusiasm and what it means to the people, and the honor and joy to be part of it,” said Pastor John Robert Black.

Church member Dr. Ken Moss likes the idea of providing help long after the volunteer medical teams are gone.

“So many medical missions that I’ve been on in the past, we go and provide medical care for one or two weeks at a time,” said Moss, “But then after that, they have to provide for their own. In this way, we can provide medical care on an ongoing basis and leaving a clinic basically in a box they can outfit as they see fit.”

The container takes about 50 to 60 days to ship overseas. The church is collecting donations of medical supplies, equipment, and money to purchase supplies. For more information, call 337-474-1500 or go by 1500 Country Club Rd. in Lake Charles.

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