After eight years of searching, teenager diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

After eight years of searching, teenager diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain condition.

“I am constantly feeling like I’m on fire 24/7,” said 16-year-old J’Anna Boyer

For J’Anna, the pain started 9 years ago.

“It was New Year’s Eve, they were in the front yard popping fireworks and she fell,” said mom, Jessica Boyer Jessica said her daughter woke up with some pain the next morning but it wasn’t long before symptoms quickly snowballed.

“I went from a really bubbly happy 9-year-old to being in a wheelchair and not being able to go to school,” J’Anna said.

J’Anna had a burning sensation in most of her limbs, throbbing pain, leg discoloration and the list goes on.

“I knew she was hurting, I knew,” Jessica said. But doctors weren’t so sure.

“Nobody really believed me, they thought I was attention-seeking,” J’Anna said.

“Doctors said ‘shes not hurting, it’s in her head and she needs to see a psychiatrist,’" Jessica remembers, "But would turn around, and she was 11 at the time, and wanted to give her a pain pill and anti-depressant.”

It took 8 years, multiple diagnosis, depression, home school, and dozens of doctors to finally get the diagnoses of CRPS.

“I always wanted her to know I believed her,” Jessica said.

J’Anna is being treated with a drug called Ketamine. According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, it’s an anesthetic considered to be a hallucinogen but is the only medication that’s helped ease some of the pain.

“I’ve been in and out of a wheelchair this entire time," J’Anna said.,"So, it’s really awesome to have that freedom again.”

Most insurances don’t cover Ketamine infusions, and the Boyer family must travel to Florida in order to receive the treatment in the doses J’Anna needs, costing the family thousands of dollars every three months.

A benefit for J’Anna will be held on November 10.

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