Cajun Navy needs donations for Hurricane Michael

A local Hurricane relief group needs donations

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Cajun Navy Lake Charles needs your help.

“We just need your donations. We need to get it out there, you know? Please, people, help us,” said Vice President Daniel Woodrow

Navy board members and volunteers have sent out care packages and supplies after Hurricane Florence hit, but they say compared to last year when Harvey hit, donations have been limited.

President Mike Reid states that he thinks the problem lies with the location.

“Simply because the hurricane didn’t happen over here," explained Reid. "It happened in another part, but you have to remember, Hurricane Michael is hitting the Florida Panhandle right now. It’s a Category 4 almost a Category 5 with 150 mph wind. Whenever we had Rita over here, it was 120 mph winds. If you remember the devastation that Rita caused, it’s going to be that, plus, more over there in Florida.”

Reid has faith in Lake Area residents.

“God’s going to make a way. We know that," Reid said.

You can bring donations by their warehouse on 2201 Hodges Street in Lake Charles.

“Walk through your house and think about what you can’t live without. Those are they donations that we need," said a board member.

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