City of Lake Charles Teen Connection series returns this fall

City of Lake Charles Teen Connection series returns this fall

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Phase 2 of an initiative by the City of Lake Charles—designed with teens in mind—is officially back in session.

The city’s popular “Teen Connection” program is providing teens with the necessary resources they need to be successful upon graduation.

Last year, the city introduced the new venture as means to fill a void between local students and the community and provide them with some much needed tips aimed at preparing them for life after high school.

As a junior at Barbe high school, Rayne Johnson says she’s glad this program is offered because many of the topics aren’t addressed in the school’s curriculum.

“I would really encourage others to attend these sessions. For instance, many high school students don’t know how to make a resume or have yet to take the ACT. Teen Connection can help with all of that," said Rayne.

Tips on how to build a resume or how to start your own business are all part of the program.

Through Teen Connections, Rayne says it helped provide her with all the necessary tools to start her own business as a babysitter.

“One of the classes specifically was money management,” Rayne said, “With that information, I was able to start my babysitting business and make cards and stuff with my own money."

Assistant City Administrator Kimberly Delaffosse and Mayor Nic Hunter say their main goal behind starting the program was to bridge the gap and help local schools that aren’t able to provide the necessary resources to offer classes geared towards money management, starting a business, or resume building.

“We have staple classes; those classes that we know teens will always need and so, each year we know that we’re going to offer an ACT prep class, a scholarship class, a class that teaches kids about social media—because we understand those topics will be present in teens lives,” said Delaffosse.

Mayor Nic Hunter said, “We as a government sometimes get so caught up in talking about drainage and roads and water that we forget about why we are talking about those things. We want to leave this community better for the next generation and this program will help us do that.”

So far, the reception for the Teen Connection program has been great. However Delaffosse says they could always use more students.

Here is a list of the sessions planned this fall:

October 4 Creating your Scholarship Portfolio
October 18 Successful Interviewing Techniques
November 1 Social Media Etiquette, Soft Skills and Office Culture
November 15 ACT Prep English
December 6 How Studying Abroad can lead to success
December 13 Become a better writer in 5 easy steps

The October and November, sessions held on the first and third Thursday of each month and will take place at Cpl. Donald Ray Stevens Recreation Center.

The December sessions (Dec. 6 and 13) will take place at the Ward 3 Recreation Huber Park Community Center, located at 2401 4th Ave.

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