Plant noise raises concern for Sulphur residents

Plant noise raises concern for Sulphur residents

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Some Sulphur residents living near the Lotte Chemical plant have recently raised concerns about loud noises coming from the facility.

“At first, I thought one of my neighbors was pressure washing the fence or something," said Maplewood resident Lori Schmitz.

Although Schmitz says the noise isn’t a big deal for her, a couple of residents who live a few streets over described the noise as “loud and extreme," even lasting through the overnight hours.

Calcasieu Emergency Prepardeness director Dick Gremillion says although his office hasn’t received any complaints about the noise, it’s crucial for residents to voice their concerns whenever they hear something out of the ordinary.

“There are quite a few projects going on right now and as those projects start up there is going to be some noise associated with that," said Gremillion.

“We’ve already seen some of the facilities putting out information, that if you hear unusual sounds or sights they’re going to be doing testing as these facilities go into production.”

Gremillion says the noises residents are hearing is more than likely construction, being that the plant has yet to begin operations. He says when you combine construction of the plant with interstate construction, residents can expect to hear the noise for quite some time.

"This current construction period we’re in has been going on for about a couple of years and it’s likely to continue for two to three more years.

Some residents also voiced concerns about the new facility having such a close proximity to the residential area as well as local schools.

The property where Lotte Chemical is located does meet the required standards of a registered industrial zone, according to Tom Hoefer, CPPJ Communications & Media director.

Dick Gremillion further states that if anyone ever has a general question or concern to feel free to reach out to the office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness at (337) 721-3800 or

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