Baby boomers are encouraged to get moving

Baby boomers are encouraged to get moving

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In honor of healthy aging month, doctors and rehabilitation specialists are encouraging baby boomers to keep up with an active lifestyle.

“Baby boomers want to live and stay active and have an active lifestyle and don’t want to lets aches and pains slow them down,” said Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Doctor Sarah Clevenger.

Doctor Clevenger says baby boomers are living longer than previous generations and they’re dealing with pain caused by things such as arthritis.

“Natural wear and tear occurs on the joints as we age, unfortunately many patients quit using those joints as they get older which worsens their pain," Clevenger said.

Doctor Clevenger says surgery isn’t always the answer.

“Most importantly it’s physical therapy and getting an active lifestyle again, there’s oral and topical medication, bracing, modalities, we also have a variety of joint injections and procedures to help with the pain," said Clevenger.

Clevenger encourages baby boomers to find something they love to do such as walking, yoga or Tai chi that’s active so they keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

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