Calcasieu Planning and Zoning Board rejects convenience store proposal

Calcasieu Planning and Zoning Board rejects convenience store proposal

MOSS BLUFF, LA (KPLC) - For now, the Calcasieu Planning and Zoning Board has voted against rezoning a site near Joe Miller and North Perkins Ferry roads.

Some neighbors think another convenience store in the area is unnecessary.

'We have five, like she said, five, convenience stores. That you come from either side of North Perkins Ferry Road, north or south, you have plenty of stores to get to," Paula Hebert, a concerned neighbor, said.

They believe bringing another store could cause safety issues.

“I have a young daughter who is 17 years old. I allow her to come home late at night. I’m not going to feel comfortable with her coming home after dark with that across the street from our home,” Angela Broussard, another concerned neighbor, said.

“I’ll be able to see a lot more wrecks and that’s unfair to our families,” Hebert said.

However, a spokesperson for the developer said the stores they’ve built in other neighborhoods have never heard complaints.

“There are other stores by these same developers in the other parts of town and they run a good store. They don’t allow the loitering,” Tom Gayle, spokesperson for the developer, said.

Gayle suggested doing whatever it takes to keep the store’s neighbors comfortable.

“Let’s build them a fence. I’ll stipulate to you right now, we’ll do appropriate fencing. We’ve done this in other neighborhoods, the old saying ‘fences make good neighbors,’” Gayle said.

The developer’s only goal, they said, is to keep the neighborhood in the same condition it’s currently in.

The Calcasieu Police Jury will have it’s final vote the rezoning at their meeting on Thursday.

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