Cajun navy in Lake Charles collecting donations to send relief to the Carolinas

Cajun Navy donating supplies

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Florence hit the Carolinas this past week and the storm brought strong winds and flooding, but officials from both Carolinas warn the worst flooding is yet to come.

With the death toll rising every day, members of the Cajun Navy say it could be worse than the damage from Hurricane Harvey.

“A lot of people are going to lose everything. We saw it over here last year and that’s exactly what’s going on over there, if not worse”, Says Mike Reid with the Lake Charles Canjun Navy.

Reid along with his team are asking the public to come together to support the Carolinas.

Reid says last year Southwest Louisiana received 5 million dollars worth of donations from communities across the country for our people in need from California, Green Bay, Pennsylvania, and especially North Carolina.

“Just in North Carolina alone we had five major cities that donated to us for Hurricane Harvey relief. It’s our time to give back”, says Reid.

“Now it’s our turn to pay back the favor, especially here because we are Cajuns, that’s what Cajun’s do,” says Jason Waymeyer, another volunteer.

Paul Pellerin is another volunteer here and says as soon as this trailer fills up, he is hooking it up to his truck and making trips back and forth to the Carolinas for as long as he’s needed. He says he believes he was called to do it.

“I had a dream that I was on the way there with a 20-foot trailer, chainsaws, a good buddy of mine in the truck; very vivid. Woke up—was asking God if that was meant for me and just prayed on it. And it was confirmation to go weekly as needed,” says Pellerin.

The group says the most urgent items are non-perishable items like bottled water, dry food, and even pet food for stranded animals.

“We need all the donations we can get. We want to get anything we can to these people right away. That’s what it’s all about; coming together and helping one another in tragic times," says Daniel Woodrow.

The donation site is located at 2201 Hodges Street in Lake Charles.

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