Sports Person of the Week - Edwin Gomez

Sports Person of the Week - Edwin Gomez

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - “Just do it right and help my team out, finally. Do my part,” Edwin Gomez said. “Coach always says to do your part and I finally was able to do my part.”

The Lake Charles College Prep Trailblazers are off to a 2-0 start with their second win coming down to the very last seconds. The game was tied at 14 with less than a minute left to play and Edwin Gomez stepped up and kicked the winning field goal in their victory against 4A Rayne.

“I think it’s just a guy that’s just dedicated to the team are the most important thing I think with Gomez is that this kid doesn’t have a field goal post to kick on every day in practice, Erick Franklin said. “So, he just kicks and thinks it goes in until game day when he gets the chance to practice on a goal post. Gomez brings so much leadership and just him being dedicated to not even have a goal post to kick on is amazing.”

Gomez has only been kicking for three years now, but his coaches and teammates have proven to have the utmost confidence in him. But most importantly, he has the confidence in himself.

“If we get anywhere around the 30 we are going to give him a chance, Erick Franklin said. “I tell him every week that if we get inside the 30 you’re going to get a chance to kick.”

“Be ready at any time, just be ready,” said Gomez.

After the Blazers bump up in district last year and the lumps they took with doing so, this year the team is hungry for much more than just a district title.

“I expect this out of this group of kids. The kids worked hard all off-season,” Franklin added. “The kids have dedicated themselves out of the 40 something players we have we had 30 something all off-season that we’re here working out getting stronger and faster. My coaches analyze the kid’s year in and year out and show them what they need to be each year in this team has hit their marks every year since they’ve been here.”

“We’re trying to do something. We’re trying to do history,” Gomez said.

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