Father, McNeese student, diagnosed with fast-growing brain tumor

Father, McNeese student, diagnosed with fast-growing brain tumor

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A racing heart, sleepless nights, overcome with worry.

“I thought I was experiencing panic attacks all throughout the day and throughout the night,” said psychology major Eric Baquet, who’s working toward his masters degree at McNeese.

It didn’t feel like anything serious.

But, Baquet was sent for an MRI.

“I wished him well, telling him to have a great MRI and I’ll see you at supper," said Eric’s wife, Sarah. "And then he called me saying that he had been admitted to the emergency room so I was not expecting tha.t”

“We all thought it was just a formality and then they immediately found the tumor,” Eric added.

Glioblastoma multiform, hearing the word ‘cancer’ was unexpected.

“It was like someone ripped up my stomach,” Eric describes.

From Lake Charles to Shreveport, people of Louisiana wasted no time lending a helping hand.

“As soon as we found out that he was sick, people jumped up to cut our grass, neighbors that we didn’t even know before,” Sarah said.

A father, husband, son, neighbor, teacher - The breadwinner for his family, Eric now faced surgery to remove the tumor.

“They woke me up while they removed the tumor," Eric said. "So they could probe to make sure that they didn’t cut anything vital.”

Baquet was tasked with speaking his second language, Spanish, memorizing flash cards and repeating words, while doctors worked on removing the tumor from his temporal lobe.

“The tumor is going to come back, that’s what my doctors are saying.”

“At the end of the month the next stage of treatment will happen for my husband," Sarah said. "Which is maintenance doses of chemotherapy and an optune cap.”

The Baquet’s now rely on hope to get their family through the next phases.

If the tumor returns, the family will look into a clinical study at Duke University, something insurance won’t cover.

To help the family, you can email thebaquets@gmail.com.

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