Traffic concerns for Houston River Road

Residents voicing concern for safety after repeated cases of people driving in the wrong lane to avoid traffic

Traffic concerns for Houston River Road

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Residents in the area of Houston River road have been avoiding the road come rush hour time.

Due to heavy traffic coming from the nearby plant workers getting off, the west-bound lane becomes a stand still. Residents like Tracy Jordan, are saying this happens every day.

“In the afternoons when the plant traffic is letting out the west bound lane backs up really bad every single day. So people that are at the end of the line are pulling into east-bound traffic and passing everybody," said Jordan. “You know, there’s lots of times where we’ve been trying to turn off of our road and have had to stop because there’s a vehicle flying at us head on. I’ve got kids in the car, there are kids that ride their bikes out here. This is our neighborhood. I know there are a lot of workers trying to get home, but this is our home and we want them to drive as if their kids lived in this neighborhood.”

Captain Robert Manuel with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office says the issue is being addressed by setting a larger police presence on that road.

“We do know it’s an ongoing problem and we’re going to just keep addressing it. You’re just going to have to be a little bit more patient. It’s not going to be too good if something happens if we wind up hurting somebody if were in a hurry to get home or get to work so just be patient," says Manuel.

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