Hometown Hero - J.W. Stine turns 100

Hometown Hero - J.W. Stine turns 100

Any celebration held by the Stine family is a big one, but this one's especially notable. J.W. Stine is celebrating his 100th birthday this week. A bomber pilot during World War 2, Stine came back to Sulphur to build post war homes and help create Starlin Lumber Company.

"Well I think anytime you take on a strong role being a pilot of a crew; the responsibility of taking on that crew but also to create some leadership qualities in that crew. He did that really before he came back and started his business. I think those qualities helped him become a leader that created the company," said Dennis Stine, one of seven Stine children.

J.W. Stine was raised by his mom after his dad died when J.W. was 11.

"(He had) Just had a tough upbringing," said David Stine. "From there, he goes into the war, so it was just a tough period. I think that's what makes these kids the greatest generation the fact that ," said Dennis Stine, had these difficult roots and it translated to business and how you treated other people. Just had a tough upbringing."

Most of the family got involved in the lumber business, as it expanded from one store to eleven.

"We all got involved in the business in the late 60s and early 70s and we grew it from there," said Dennis. "Back when we got involved, we had about 10 employees and 5 of us were Stines. That was in the early 70s and we grew into about 850 associates today. It was all through his leadership and his direction. We're so honored to have him as our father."

J.W. Stine was married to his wife Dee-Dee for 67 years. She died in 2011.

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