Hometown Hero: John Griffin served at Pearl Harbor during WWII

Hometown Hero: John Griffin served at Pearl Harbor during WWII

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - 92 year old John Griffin remembers his Navy days at Pearl Harbor. Like other servicemen, Griffin was in his teens when he was drafted.

"Yeah, I was, I was 18 years old when I went in there. 18. 21 when I got out. I stayed in there 2 years."

Serving as a Seaman First Class, Griffin helped move supplies from the U.S. mainland to the war in the Pacific.

"We would stack and restack the stuff after it would get there. I don't care what it was: Lumber, anything. flour, oil, gasoline. We'd restack all of it. We'd get orders from there and send it on down the line. It would already be in order."

Griffin remembers the blackout conditions Honolulu had to observe during WWII.

"All the automobiles had half beams. The top part was black, the bottom part was clear. Sometimes they would drive four and five blocks with no lights at all. When they had a wreck there, it was terrible."

It wasn't all work though. Griffin fondly remembers the beer line and movie night.

"Right after the line, we'd go to an open air movie. Kind of like a drive in, but you walk in. Open air movie. That's what they call it. The Hawaiian ladies would get up there and do their thing before the movie starts. After that, we'd see a movie."

After the war, John Griffin worked with Southern Pacific Railroad and raised NINE children with his wife of -68- years.

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