Hometown Hero: Dr. Buck Halley

Hometown Hero: Dr. Buck Halley

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Not too many people can claim they retired from three careers. But Buck Halley did. He signed up for the U.S. Navy during the Korean War before he even finished at Sulphur High.

"I went in two weeks before I graduated high school. I still got my diploma. I got there and I went into the medical field. I became a hospital corpsman. I went to hospital corps school."

After his medical career in the Navy, Halley went to work for Cities Service. But then he decided that dentistry might be in his calling.

"I went to dental school at 31. Graduated at 35. Practiced four years in Westlake. Then I went back to do a residency in pediatric dentistry at 41. Finished at 41."

After returning to Westlake as a dentist, Halley retired to Toledo Bend. But then the military called him back to help with soldier training at Fort Polk. He would play the role of a civilian in Iraq or Afghanistan.

"I was there 12 years. It was a part time job, I was paid a little. I would have really done it for nothing. Because I had a tremendous time working with the soldiers and with the people there."

A varied career and active community life makes this community leader a Hometown Hero.

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