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School lunch menus

School Lunch Menus 

September 15-19

  (NOTE: Menus are provided by the school systems. Not all schools follow these menus)



MONDAY: Hamburger, potato rounds, sandwich salad cup and sliced peaches. 

TUESDAY: Roasted turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, wholewheat roll, sweet peas, tossed salad and pears. 

WEDNESDAY: Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, glazed carrots, tossed salad and pineapple tidbits. 

THURSDAY: Chicken fajitas, Spanish brown rice, red beans, tossed salad and sliced pears. 

FRIDAY: Ham and cheese sandwich, sweet potato fries, sandwich salad cup and bananas.


MONDAY: Corn dog, baked beans, coleslaw and fruit cocktail 

TUESDAY: Chicken Tetrazzini, green beans, oranges and roll. 

WEDNESDAY: Baked fish, fries, salad, grapes and roll. 

THURSDAY: Chicken fajitas, salsa, baby carrots and peaches. 

FRIDAY: Hot dog, salad and apple.


MONDAY: Spaghetti, corn, tossed salad, chilled peach slices and sliced bread. 

TUESDAY: Baked ham, fresh baby carrots, fruit cocktail and sliced bread. 

WEDNESDAY: Country fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, tomato wedges, pineapple tidbits and rolls. 

THURSDAY: Turkey roast, brown rice, pinto beans, dark green salad, fresh fruit cup and sliced bread. 

FRIDAY: Barbecue burger, sweet potato fries, green beans and chilled pear halves.


MONDAY: Beef and cheese nachos, dark green lettuces, sweat peas, salsa, applesauce and a cinnamon roll. 

TUESDAY: Sausage, red beans, rice, fresh broccoli, spiced back apples and a whole-wheat roll. 

WEDNESDAY: Toasted cheese sandwich, vegetable medley, yam patty/sweet potato and fresh fruit. 

THURSDAY: Pork roast, gravy, rice, seasoned cabbage, glazed carrots and fruit cocktail. 

FRIDAY: No school.


MONDAY: Chicken and sausage gumbo over rice, potato salad, green beans, cup of fruit and roll. 

TUESDAY: Corn dog nuggets, fries, fresh broccoli with ranch dressing, baked cookie and cup of fruit. 

WEDNESDAY: Salisbury steak with rice and gravy, buttered carrots, peas, cup of fruit and roll. 

THURSDAY: Pizza, tomatoes and cucumbers with ranch dressing, cup of fruit and wafer. 

FRIDAY: Taco salad, corn, cup of fruit and roll.


MONDAY: Steak fingers, rice and gravy, or chicken patty on bun; green beans, mixed fruit, roll, salad bar.

TUESDAY: Taco salad boat or beef and cheese nachos, Mexican corn, bananas and cherries, yellow cake, and salad bar.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken spaghetti tetrazzini, or beef and spaghetti casserole; broccoli and cheese, apple wedges, cucumbers/cauliflower/dip, hot roll, and salad bar.

THURSDAY: Beef and cheese nachos, or pizza sandwich; corn on the cob, apricots, brownie, and salad bar.

FRIDAY: Cheeseburger, or sausage link on bun; potato tots, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sliced peaches, and salad bar and condiments.

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