Genesis Complex Therapeutic Riding

886 Landry Lane
Sulphur, LA  70663

Hippotherapy/Therapeutic Riding --> The first of its kind in the nation to be owned and operated by a hospital, the Genesis Therapeutic Riding Center provides outpatient occupational therapy services in a non-traditional health care setting utilizing hippotherapy. The horse's rhythmic, repetitive movements mimic human movement patterns, due to the similarity of the pelvic structure. These similarities are passively transmitted to clients who demonstrate improved mobility, balance, posture and function. The Center provides a natural, yet controlled environment for clients to develop confidence and independence. Individuals with diagnoses such as:
Traumatic Brain Injury
Down's Syndrome
Developmental Delay
Cerebral Palsy
Learning Disabled/Behavioral Disorders
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Multiple Sclerosis
Other neuromuscular disorders

Clients can expect improvements in the following areas: self-esteem, mobility, attention, posture, cognition, language development, balance, coordination, strength, range of motion, activities of daily living, and muscle tone. The center also offers participation in the following special programs: Equestrian Special Olympics, Camp Smiling F.A.C.E.S., Tours, and Educational Opportunities.