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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Pedi Paws claims to make trimming nails on your furry friends safer for them and easier for you.  In order to test this nail file, I went to Animal Angels in Lake Charles, a shelter that focuses on protecting animals until they can be adopted by a loving family.  Volunteer Phil de Albuquerque was ready to help us and so were some of his feline and canine friends.  Phil read all of the instructions and inserted the batteries.  First, you need to make sure your pets are comfortable around the tool, when it's off and when it's on.  Phil tried this first around a white cat named Cotton.

Phil said "Look, he's still coming up to me.  He doesn't even notice it.  Cotton do you hear this?"

Although Cotton didn't seem to mind, he has no claws so we first tried the PediPaws on very calm Rhiannon.

Phil talked to Rhiannon, "Look Rhine...Look!  See this is nice and safe.  This is going to work out great." He then filed the nail.
Phil continued, "See, isn't that nice?  She's not afraid of that at all."

Rhiannon seemed to be phased very little by the file.  A built in safety device keeps you from harming your pets by slowing or stopping the device if too much pressure is placed on the nail.  Phil continued filing and then the file stops.

Phil stated, "And see, did you notice how it stopped when it got too far."

The safety device worked, it was time for a try on our friend Blaze.

Phil said, "Ah, he doesn't have a problem with it.  Yeah that worked out real good, Blazey.  Yes, oh that's nice."

While it may take some additional time and training for your pets, the device seems to safely trim as promised.

Phil gave his final verdict by stating, "It really is for anybody who has a dog or a cat who has never done this.  I'm a little leery on some of these items I see on TV, but I used it today and it truly works.  It did a fine job on the cats, and it did a fine job on the dogs."

The PediPaws nailed it with a YES, for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  PediPaws sold for nineteen ninety-nine at a local Lake Charles business.  The device requires two C batteries which are not included.  Although the file works, the unit may not be suited for all animals.  You may have trouble fitting the nails of larger animals into the hole of the device.  We did not test the battery life of the PediPaws.

Special thanks go to Animal Angels for helping out with our test this week.  Also, if you're interested in adoption or more information, you can find Animal Angels at Petsmart in Lake Charles on most Saturdays.  You can also get more information about Animal Angels at

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