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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The ShedEnderPro is a professional de-shedding tool designed for home use.  We went to our friends at Animal Angels in Lake Charles to find some friends that would be willing to help us.  Volunteer Phil de Albuquerque gives us his initial impression.

"So far it looks like a real nice, easy piece that you don't need a college education and you don't need to read a lot of instructions.  Because people don't like a lot of instructions, I don't, you want to get right to it," said Phil.

First up was our familiar friend Rhiannon.

Phil called to his dog, "How bout Rhiannon.  Come here Rhiney!  Look Rhiannon, come here.  Rhine, look!  Come here, come here.  Come on, look!  Look, it's a new toy.  Come here, let's see.  Ah, okay you want me to come to you."

She didn't budge on the toy line, but she was a team player.

Phil stated, "It's very thick, so I can see that we need to bear down a little bit more, which is good.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Rhiannon likes it; I can see she's not irritated by something like this, which is good.  She doesn't like all kinds of brushes, but I can see that she's fine with this.  It seems to be doing a good job.  It seems to be...I can already see a difference with the top of her hair right here."

With success on Rhiannon thick coat, we moved along to our feline friend Blaze.

"Yes, Blaze you like this?  And see again, it looks like there isn't a whole lot here.  You can see that it is picking some up and it's blowing into the wind.  See and he likes it too which is nice.  See look.  Blazey, you like this?  Does that feel good sweetie?" said Phil.

Mudbug was not interested in being groomed today, so he got away.  It's time for the final verdict.

Phil said, "They all liked it, it did a fine job.  I noticed all the hairs on the long haired cats and on Rhiannon.  Even on the short haired cats, there were some hairs on here.  And it's easy just to pull off and I think it and I think it did a fine job.  I was very happy with it.  It works, it works.  I would buy it"

The ShedEnderPro grooms it way to a YES, for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The ShedEnderPro has a swivel head to make it easy to use for both left and right handed users.  The head pivots 65° to get the best angle for grooming.  The ShedEnderPro cost us $14.99 plus tax a local Lake Charles business.  A big thank you goes to Animal Angels for helping out with this week's test.  Also, if you're interested in adoption or more information, you can find Animal Angels at Petsmart in Lake Charles on most Saturdays.  You can also get more information about Animal Angels at

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