Stop Pain Now with IDD Therapy!

At Calcasieu Spinal Care, we can help ease the pain without surgery by using the latest medical treatment called IDD.

An FDA Approved, Non-Surgical, Internal Disc Decompression Therapy, also known as IDD Therapy™, is available to individuals and patients suffering from debilitating neck and lower back pain in the Lake Charles, Sulphur, and surrounding areas of Southwest Louisiana.

IDD Therapy™ is being administered through the Accu-Spina™ System, a state-of-the-art computer directed spinal rehab machine, which is capable of greatly reducing or eliminating the pain and dysfunction caused by herniated or bulging discs, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, Posterior Facet Syndrome, and general neck and low back pain.

The innovative IDD Therapy™ process was developed by a team of physicians and former NASA engineers utilizing knowledge of proven scientific principles of the effects of spinal decompression on intevertebral discs in the anti-gravity state. The Accu-Spina™ System works by using these same principles through a combination of harnesses and angled disc-pull adjustment features while applying multiple wave forms in an oscillating manner to manipulate the spinal structure to create a "negative vacuum pressure."

This release of pressure surrounding the discs facilitates blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients into the affected area. Thus, natural healing and repair can proceed in tissues that previously were hindered with high pressure and chronic irritation.

This decompression process has been shown by MRI's to widen disc space which ultimately stimulates herniation shrinkage and reduces or eliminates protrusions and pressure on surrounding nerves. Clinical studies have shown that 86% of individuals who completed IDD Therapy™ showed immediate improvement and resolution of their symptoms with a 94% overall improvement.

Calcasieu Spinal care is the only facility in the Lake Charles area to provide IDD therapy. For further information regarding IDD Therapy, contact the Calcasieu Spinal Care Clinic at 337-474-7700, or complete our Ask the Expert form on our main Expert page.