7Teen Report: Prom on a budget

Reported by 7Teen Reporter Rachel Guasp

Prom season is here, and for many teens this formal dance is a big deal. But shopping for prom can get expensive. And those who can't afford it may not go at all.

Many teens dream about going to the prom.

17-year-old Haley Guillory says, "prom is something that every girl remembers for the rest of their lives."

But not everyone can afford or find that perfect dress. That's where Becca's Closet comes in. The dresses there are free.

18-year-old Raeana Mesuch says, "we have our dresses. We organize them by size for the girls that want or need a dress. They ask to come in and we let then try on as many dresses as they need and they can use them."

Becca's Closet is a project sponsored by the Sulphur High Student Council and leadership class.

It was started in memory of a Florida teen who died in a traffic accident.

Teacher Jeannie Blackwell helped get the project started in 2003.

Teacher Jeannie Blackwell says, "she wanted all of her friends to be able to go to prom and so she had a dress exchange where she asked her friends to bring in a dress that they didn't wear anymore."

Dresses and tuxedos are donated to Becca's Closet. They come from all over the country and are packed into a once empty classroom at Sulphur High.

Freshman Jessica Hohenberger found her homecoming dress there.

16-year-old Jessica Hohenberger says, "I went to homecoming because I just really wanted to go. It's really fun to be there with someone you really like."

Haley Guillory says, "I would really love to help people find a dress and there's no excuse not to go to prom if you come here cause we can help you find a dress."

Teen Reporter Rachel Guasp: "this is a dress I've already worn. I've decided to donate it to Becca's Closet. It's that easy to help someone on their special day.

There are more than 80 chapters of Becca's Closet in the country, but Sulphur has the only one in Louisiana.

The Sulphur site has helped teens from Texas to New Orleans find something special to wear.

If you'd like to check out Becca's Closet or make an appointment to try on some dresses or tuxedos, call Sulphur High at 217-4430.