Michael Sarver on the road to becoming the next American Idol

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -  Family and friends of American Idol finalist Michael Sarver look over pictures and reminisce on their days growing up.  Now, the hardworking 27-year-old Idol finalist is all grown up and is living his dream of becoming a singer.

Sarver's cousin Jimmy Rogers said, "Some people get lucky and these things just falls on them, but that's no so for Michael.  Michael is put his time in."

Nicole Lee, a longtime friend of Sarver, said, "It's weird for me, watching him on television and reading blogs of everybody saying how cute he is.  I just remember a friend that wouldn't shut up and sang all the time."

Sarver's former teacher says he was the same way in class.

Theresa Vincent says, "He was one of the class clowns.  He was always singing, dancing down the halls, and we were constantly trying to get him to stop, but he was always happy."

But nothing made Michael happier than Wednesday night when American Idol's host announced it would be Sarver going on to the show's top twelve.  Sarver's relatives and friends were excited.

His cousin, Karrah Rogers, says, "I was on the edge of the couch just waiting, waiting, and waiting. Whenever it came through and he fell to his knees that's exactly what I felt like doing just falling on the floor like 'oh my gosh'."

Rogers says, "I had to scream out and holler and scare my wife and my little boy."

Sarver's family and friends say they will continue to love the singer whether he wins or loses, but it would be nice to hear the words Michael Sarver and American Idol in the same sentence.

This will definitely be a moment they will all look back upon in the years to come.

In addition to being a talented singer, family members say Sarver has written over 800 songs and can play many different instruments.

The City of Sulphur is hosting an American Idol viewing party on March 10th at the Heritage Pavilion.  It will begin at 6:00 PM and end around 9:00 PM.  After that, everyone will get on their phones and vote so Sarver can continue in the competition.