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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - We took our ListenUp Sound Amplifier to Kingsley Place in Lake Charles, an assisted living facility where we met up with Violet Gibson.  She recently turned a young and vibrant eighty-nine on February 12th.  Violet admits over the years her hearing has begun to slowly fade.  She's utilized hearing aides in the past to watch her favorite shows, but admits there's an easier way to enjoy TV.

"I can read it on that TV better than I can hear it," Violet joked.

We purchased the ListenUp sound amplifier which is an inexpensive device that promises to turn ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing.  Would Violet be a good sport and help us out?

"Well, I'll try it!" said Violet.

With permission granted and some help from the friendly staff, the ear buds were placed in Violet's ears and we turned on the device.  The device was relatively easy to use; we just placed the buds in her ears and turned on the device by using an on/off switch that controls the volume as well.  When in use, a blue light activates on the front of the module.  It also has a clip on the back so you do not have to hold it up while utilizing it.  ListenUp requires one AAA battery to power it, which is included in the packaging.  We slowly turned up the TV volume to test the ListenUp.  Violet, take it away.

"Can you hear better?" asked Kacie Case, staff member at Kingsley Place.
"That thing keeps falling out," said Violet.
"I know it [does]," agreed Kacie.
"I hear it, it don't sound very good... It's just a lot of roar it seems like," stated Violet.

At first check, it seems the listen up is a bust, but let's take a listen together.

I tested the device and this is what I had to say:  "We're going to go ahead and put this up against here and I will talk into it.  You will hear the kind of sound quality; we'll at least try that.  Put the speakers next to this and I will talk into here.  You can kind of tell it's over-modulated and it just makes everything in the room sound much louder and very hallow, that's the experience I got when I had it in my ears."

The sounds were hallow, loud with echoes, and the ear buds did not want to stay put.  It's now time for Violet's final verdict.

"It was louder, yeah," said Violet.
I asked, "It was louder, but did it help you in any way hearing?"
"I don't think so...To me it didn't work," replied Violet.

Would Violet spend the cash for her very own ListenUp?

"No I'd rather sit here and read it [off the TV screen]," said Violet.

The answer is loud and clear that the listen up won't help you hear.  ListenUp sounds the NO buzzer in this week's ‘Does it Work?' test.  We grabbed the ListenUp Sound Amplifier for $14.99 plus tax at a local Lake Charles business.

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