Yoga: The Ages Old Remedy

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you have some nagging aches and pains, the world's oldest exercise technique could be the remedy you need. In this Healthcast, we show you how the 5,000-year-old yoga exercises are helping sufferers of back pain move painlessly.

Inside Chelsea Boudreaux's yoga class, the focus is on a mental and physical connection.  "People come to it to benefit their body," says Chelsea, who is the Director of The Yoga Center, "to really bring their attention inside and start creating a relationship with their body."

From lowering blood pressure to increasing the body's ability to move more freely, Chelsea sees a wide range of people looking for specific health benefits.  "Most people come to yoga for stress relief or maybe they have different issues in their body that they're just trying to work out and yoga has so many benefits."

59-year-old Janet Osborn found relief for her upper and lower back pain that came along with 20 years of working as a registered nurse.  "As a nurse, we're responsible for lifting patients," says Janet, "in an emergency situation, you forego your body for getting the patient in the right position."

The sharpened focus Janet had in learning how her body moves and adjusts to pain helped her learn to relax her muscles, relieve stress and get rid of the pain.  "I've never experienced any pain with yoga, nor do I have any pain now," she says, "the increased flexibility always impresses me that I'm able to do more to be able to reach down and pick up things easily."

Since yoga helps build core muscle strength and improve flexibility, it's a workout that can benefit kids all the way up to seniors.  "Yoga is for everyone - no matter what size your body is, what your background history in exercise is," says Chelsea, "it's for everyone and you can modify every posture to fit your body."

So whether you have back pain, knee pain or you want a more mentally-tuned in exercise option, yoga could be the new, but ancient workout for you.

*If you have back pain, you should contact your physician before undertaking any new physical activities.

*Chelsea Boudreaux is the Director of The Yoga Center in downtown Lake Charles and they offer classes six days a week.  You can call her at 497-0017.

*If you live in south Lake Charles, she also teaches at The Sports Club at Graywood.  You can call 477-1114 or click here for more information.