Get a Grip

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Get a Grip suction mount handle is a simple plastic device that seeks to provide portable, temporary support-just about anywhere you may need it.  The all in one unit claims to attach in seconds on any clean, smooth, nonporous surface, like a tub or shower.  I took my Get a Grip to Kingsley Place, an assisted living facility in Lake Charles, where Community Relations Director, Kacie Case put the handle to work.

"This is on there and it's attached to the wall, but let's see if maybe this will work.  It's clean.  It's just a little bit bigger handle.  Push these tabs down, and it's really hard to push down though. does stay," said Kacie.

She next used it as a make-shift handle on the porcelain toilet lid, which held firmly.  Off to the kitchen, where we found plenty of stainless steel to test the suction power.  Here is what Kacie had to say about mounting the Get a Grip on stainless steel.

"This is our warmer to keep the plates warm.  The hardest part is really pushing this; it takes all of my force to push that.  Then we actually need to take these into another area so we can serve the food.  I can just pull it."

The handle may be a bit tough to attach, but its bond strength is impressive, time and time again on just about any smooth surface we could find.  The handle was quick and easy to release as well.

Kacie's final words, "I would definitely use it as a secondary if we did have something that pulled off the wall, like in the bathroom.   I would definitely run down and get one of these real fast until we could get that repaired.   I wouldn't use it as a permanent fixture every day, but I would definitely use it as a temporary fixture.  I think it does [work]"

No doubt about it, the Get a Grip suctions onto a YES in this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We grabbed onto the Get a Grip for $12.99 plus tax at a local Lake Charles business.

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