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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The ShamWow! has sparked a national craze, even Late Night's Conan O'Brien is talking about ShamWow!.
"The thing that truly blows my mind is...The ShamWow! guy wrote, 'The ShamWow! holds twenty times its weight in water'.  Look at his absolute demonic commitment to his product," says Conan.

The so called demonic commitment has spurred a national craze over the soaking power of ShamWow!.  Inside the box there were four large and four mini towels made of felt like material.  I first tested the major claim that the ShamWow! holds twenty times it weight in water...with no drips.

I set up my ShamWow! lab and this is what I said to get the test started, "With the ShamWow! in my left hand and regular towels in my right hand, these both weigh sixty grams.  Twenty times their weight in water is 1,200 grams which I have here.  So we'll see how well the ShamWow! and regular towels work."

I soaked the ShamWow! in the water for about a minute.  Looks like we have a dripping towel, and the ShamWow! only soaked up roughly ten times it weight in water, despite holding more than the traditional rags.  I then moved onto a more practical use, carpet spills.

I stated, "We I have some soda left over from my lunch earlier today and the ShamWow! says it will pull it right through the carpet and clean up any of that mess that will be caused by spilling soda or any other type of liquid on your carpet at home.  So let's give that a try next."

The ShamWow! soaked up some cola, while leaving the carpet very damp.  Unlike the claims, there was still a thin layer of soda left underneath the carpet.  I then used ShamWow! to dry my own skin but it took the same amount of time and effort as a towel.  Looking for another opinion, I ran into Tom Annino in the break room.

Tom said, "What's up man?"  ...Spills a cup of soda...  "I'll see you later."

While Tom scurried away from the scene I realized this was another opportunity to test our ShamWow!.  It soaked up much of Tom's cola from the linoleum, while spreading a thin sticky film all over the floor.  I needed paper towels and a cleaner to finish the job.  I tested ShamWow! in each case both dry and moist like a traditional chamois.  ShamWow! did absorb some liquid and wipe up spills, but did not hold to its major claims of leaving surfaces dry and locking in its weight in water.  ShamWow! chamois get a whammy and easily absorb a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We found the ShamWow for $19.99 plus tax at a local Lake Charles business.

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